Thomas J. O’Brien is an award winning actor,

Thomas attended Rockland Community College for T.V. production & Real Estate studies. Then after his tenure at Rockland Community College after a couple of semesters, he decided to expand, further his Real Estate property management education studies. I then attended “New York Real Estate Institute” over on West 32nd street over on Midtown, Manhattan, New York & became a licensed New York Real Estate agent.

My interest in acting stemmed taking working on numerous T.V. Production courses in high school & college. I always had the interest to pursue acting, as I always had an interest, respect in “the arts”. Then around 2008, I took up my interest to pursue acting. Subsequently, I had worked on a couple of small new media film productions. Though my first feature I had the opportunity to work on was a low budget independent film entitled “A Dangerous Place” directed by David Schoner. Which I had a brief, walk-on role in on the last day of production, on the set over in Jersey City, New Jersey. Even though my appearance in the scene was very brief, I found the whole experience, being on set, filming that day, acting to be “encouraging”.

Encouraging to continue my ventures into acting, to work harder to progress as a talent/actor. I took steps to do just that. Although I had gone to numerous actor workshops for training in NYC, I truly began to hone into my craft as an actor when I attended an acting studio at “The Barrow Group Performance Center” in Midtown Manhattan, New York.



Thomas J. O’Brien shines most brightly as Landry (The Confined)

 Richard Propes  (The Independent Critic)

“”Thomas J. O’Brien  stuns as multi-faceted and loyal Landry, starting out as witty and sarcastic and ending up stuck in his own nightmare”.

-Katie Harden, Journalist / CEO  of  Lorette Magazine

(On Performance in The Confined short-film.)

“I have had the extreme pleasure working with Tom O’Brien on a number of films. On every project, Tom made excellent choices on how to portray his character and always gave 110%. I highly recommend him to any production”.    

 – Christopher Picone ( Independent Filmmaker) / Post – Production Technical Evaluation (Editor) at “HBO”

Thomas J O’Brien does really well with his voice-over. As aforementioned, we never actually see him, but we follow his emotions through his voice as he goes from desperate to threatening over the course of the thirteen-minute runtime. (“A Road To Nowhere” )

         – Screencritix

 Thomas J. O’Brien infusing the apropos amounts of controlled energy to make it all credible. (The Confined)

 -Kirk Fernwood, Independent Film Critic “One Film Fan”

The voice over performance is a standout aspect of the film, and the actor should be commended for their mastery of this craft. His delivery is flawless, and the emotion he conveyed through his voice alone is truly remarkable.  (“A Road To Nowhere”)

– ( Monthly Indie Shorts )

Thomas J. O’Brien is an actor who gives it his all when he takes on a role. He will dig down deep to create a believeable character that the audience will cheer for or hate depending on the role. In addition, he is also great to work with!

Vince Edgehill, SAG  Actor/Screenwriter 

Always a student of his craft, and bringing a great performance.

– Mario Melillo (Independent Filmmaker)

Actor Thomas J. O’Brien brings a young Dennis Christopher /Bruce Davison quality to his role which is perfect here. (“The Confined”)

Daniel O’Shea,  SAG Actor ( “Hamburger Hill”

Thomas J. O’Brien is the new young actor to come onto the scene. With his good looks and his acting talent, this is the young actor to watch. His presence on the screen is captivating. The industry has gained an actor in the leading role category. He is motivated, dedicated, and unyielding in his pursuit to master his craft. Through his determination, he is climbing the ladder to success. 

Roxanne Alese, Licensed Film Critic, judge at the “Long Island International Film Expo”, former judge at the “Sundance Film Festival” & “Tribeca Film Festival”.